Now that Chris Briem is blogging himself, will he stop sending me cool tips about Pittsburgh's economy? Chris is my best source for real Pittsburgh history, so I hope not.

Also, if it weren't for Chris, I wouldn't have found this cool image: What Three Rivers Stadium might have looked like.


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Mark Rauterkus said... 5/27/2006 11:16 AM

Folk wanted to CUT the "OLD" 3RS to make it look like that, even up to the end.

The old stadium could have been used for part of the new venue as well.

Then there is the plan that would have put the new ice arena UNDER PNC Park. PNC PARK would be the top of the building, and below the surface would be the indoor arena.

We should have done that as well. Even the shell could have been built-out in later years.

C. Briem said... 5/28/2006 11:36 AM

Responses I have gotten on this tell me that this was indeed the original proposal for Three Rivers Stadium which was abandoned becasue it was too expensive.

My version of that image comes from the following document which is scanned (warning it's a large file ~20mb): Stadium Proposal.Proposal for the Redevelopment of Development Area 16 in the Twenty First and Twenty Second Wards of the City of Pittsburgh. Urban and Redevelopment Authority. November 1, 1963.. Urban and Redevelopment Authority. November 1, 1963.

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