There is a neat story in this morning's PG about Burgh Bees and beekeeping in Pittsburgh.  Gardeners, too, love bees, and Pittsburgh's urban gardeners are smiling today.

Some notes:

Burgh Bees (website here) works in cooperation with the Penn State Cooperative Extension in Allegheny County.  (Website here.)

The story mentions the recent little brou-ha-ha about bringing hives to Beechview but doesn't otherwise talk about the landscape of local land use regulations that might bear on your ability to keep bees in your back yard.  A sidebar says that local laws vary.  Not helpful.

And I've been told by folks who know bees that it's best to avoid locating hives within a short distance of a source of water -- such as a backyard swimming pool.  True?


1 Response to "Bees!"

MH said... 8/18/2011 12:43 PM

There's always dead bees in swimming pools. I don't know why.

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