Pittsburgh Gaming, Not Gambling

Pop City also features news about a new online educational game jointly produced by two Pittsburgh area companies, one (Semiotic Technologies) that specializes in game technology for training and one (Argentine Productions) that's a boutique video production house.

The game is "President Lincoln's White House." I've played it. It's no Grand Theft Auto IV, but that's a good thing. It's pretty cool.

Two takeaways:

One, are you reading Pop City? You should be reading Pop City.

Two, there is an entertainment and entertainment technology community in Pittsburgh that is slowly but surely getting the recognition that it deserves. Everyone got very enthused last Fall when Carl Kurlander's "My Tale of Two Cities" closed the Pittsburgh 250 celebration. Don't forget that Carl and MT2C are linked to Steeltown Entertainment. Pittsburgh needs to look beyond the "eds and meds" economic framework that it increasingly takes for granted. We can't be Hollywood on the Mon -- I think. But can Pittsburgh be the Redwood City of the East?

Oops, as I recall, RWC's motto is "Climate best by government test." Scratch that.


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