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Is this microphone on?

Not quite five years to the day since Pittsblog debuted for the first time, and a little more than three months since I wrapped it up and put it in a box, Pittsblog will be coming back. Call it Pittsblog 2.0, to go with Pittsburgh 2.0 and related things once noted here.

The Burghosphere is not what it once was, even three months ago. So many have left, and others have joined. The links will need to be updated (or "the links need updated," if you speak Pittsburgh-ese.). More important, I'm persuaded that the day of the single-voice-blogging is passing. Pittsblog 2.0 will be a little different than its predecessor.

Stay tuned, and have a warm and safe holiday.


10 Responses to "Pittsblog Reboots"

Anonymous said... 12/23/2008 5:36 PM

yea! welcome back!

Harold D. Miller said... 12/23/2008 5:57 PM

Welcome back!

Woy said... 12/23/2008 9:40 PM

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Welcome back, Mike. :)

Schultz said... 12/23/2008 11:26 PM

Yeah Mad Dogg! How about we start off the new year with another 45 comment post on brain drain and H1b visas? That was a classic! ;)

O said... 12/24/2008 12:01 AM

Welcome back Mike! (We knew you couldn't stay away for long)

Anonymous said... 12/25/2008 11:00 AM

This is very good news. Excellent.

Jefferson Provost said... 12/28/2008 11:30 PM

Wow. Just as I'm about to write off blogging completely.... I don't look at my feed reader for weeks, and when I decide to take a peek, look what's there. I guess I'll have to stay tuned.

Sue said... 12/29/2008 4:20 PM


Welcome home.


Anonymous said... 12/31/2008 12:05 AM

Good to see you again. Your presence was sorely missed.

Anonymous said... 12/31/2008 7:23 AM

This is some very, very good news. Welcome back! Coffee's in the pot down the hall.

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