Channelling the Manifesto

Carl Kurlander's Next Page paean to Pittsburgh storytelling yesterday hit most of the nails on the head. As an intellectual property lawyer, I'm not fond of his phrase "Take intellectual property seriously" (it's a nice slogan, but it doesn't mean anything), and Pittsburgh needs more than one "hit" to create a post-tipping point narrative. But his emphasis on risk, on investing in novelty and talent, on mobility, and on nurturing an important creative and wealth-creating community in Pittsburgh that doesn't necessarily include "higheder education," "robotics," "tissue," or "biotech" in its name -- all of those things are terrific.


1 Response to "Channelling the Manifesto"

Anonymous said... 6/27/2007 8:52 AM

I'm a Pittsburgh creative interested in wealth. Where can I sign up for some nurturing? ;-)

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