The Cupcake Class is Coming for You

Cupcakes are on the march, and those who doubt that cupcake destiny is manifest will get an earful. From Cupcakes Take the Cake: "Just Say No to the Cupcake Haters."
Cupcakes are democratic. For everyone that invokes Sex and the City, I actually think they're not about being showy or glamorous, but down home and simple (with some exceptions, of course). They are not about east coast or west coast or big city vs. small. Cupcake bakeries are spreading all across the country and into the rest of the world and you can almost hear the clamoring for them. So you'd better get used to it!
If Stephen Colbert can get his own flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, as he has, then surely he will soon have his own cupcake. It's all too easy to imagine SC saying, "If you hate cupcakes, then you hate America."

In other cupcake news, a reader pointed out to me that revisionists at the Tribune-Review have corrected the record, attributing the word "jokingly" retroactively to my cupcake posts in the online version of a story about Pittsburgh's cupcakeries that prompted my post entitled The Truthiness About the Cupcake Class.


2 Responses to "The Cupcake Class is Coming for You"

C. Briem said... 3/18/2007 8:46 PM

cupcake unhistory?

Bram Reichbaum said... 3/19/2007 2:55 PM

Fine, I'll just say it again: why are these people so unsatisfied by doughnuts?

NPR today did a story on an unscale doughnut bakery that offered a Hangover Donut, frosted pink with a Pepto Bismol amalgam, and sprinkled with crushed Tums. Now *that's* progressivism, for you!

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