Predictions for 2011

2011 is already underway.  I hope that it's not too late to toss out some predictions and forecasts for 2011.  This year, however, I'll borrow the Post-Gazette's list rather than try another list of my own.  These are things that the paper would like to see -- not things that it actually expects to see:

  1. New WDUQ owner keeps NPR, jazz lineup
  2. Reports on Jordan Miles case released
  3. Sidney raises the Cup again
  4. Pirates enter All-Star break at .500
  5. Steelers take on Eagles in Super Bowl of Pa. rivals
  6. Google picks Pittsburgh for new high-speed network
  7. Merged Continental-United adds hub at Pittsburgh Intl.
  8. Zoo to acquire pair of pandas
  9. Unemployment rate continues plunge
  10. Legislature OKs transit funding plan
That's not a bad start.  Check back in a year to see how the PG did.


3 Responses to "Predictions for 2011"

Dean Jackson said... 1/19/2011 11:32 AM

I wish wish wish we had a full-time NPR station, instead of 80% jazz... Argh. I'd gladly donate cash to NPR, but if it's going mostly to support other things, not so much.

n'at said... 1/26/2011 5:18 PM

I hope they keep the HD channels. I love "world have your say" on bbc, where I get to hear a pakistani call a ghanaian a bigot - we are such a small world afterall!

Proud to be Pittsburgh said... 2/25/2011 6:39 PM

The manifesto posted here in 2007 stressed, among other valid points, revitalizing culture and building on the best of Pittsburgh's past. I submit that among this city's brightest achievements is it's contribution to jazz. It is history that thousands of us celebrate daily with our radio station WDUQ. As for revitalizing culture, I applaud the jazz clubs that have recently opened in town. What better way to show Pittsburgh's sophisticated side than taking an out of town guest out for an evening at Little E's, CJ's or Andy's(in the new Fairmont) This city has more jazz clubs than Philadelphia, a city several times our size. There is a reason for that. Pittsburgh really is a jazz town. Everyone PLEASE wake up to the underhanded way our city's jazz radio station has been hijacked by out of towners. What son or daughter of Pittsburgh could stand by while carpetbaggers steal a cultural asset.

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