Pamela's Pancakes Key to G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh

From the PG's account of how the next G20 meeting got scheduled for Pittsburgh:
A little more than two weeks ago, White House officials contacted Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato and other officials with two questions: Would they be interested in hosting an international event and could they keep it a secret? ...

White House officials said they focused on Pittsburgh because of the city's economic recovery from the decline of the steel industry in the 1980s, and because of its leadership in environmentally friendly buildings. The administration also is funding research on solar window panels under development for office buildings by PPG Industries.

Omitted from the story was the obvious, key connection to President Obama's fondness for the distinctive pancakes produced by Pamela's:
Ms. Klingensmith and Ms. Cohen were summoned from Pittsburgh to President Barack Obama's kitchen in the White House this weekend to make their famous, savory, crepe-thin pancakes for a Memorial Day breakfast for the president, First Lady Michelle Obama and 80 veterans.

Mr. Obama was introduced to the legendary flapjacks when he dropped in to the diner's Strip District location in April 2008 during the presidential Democratic primary race.

My prediction from a couple of years ago turns out to have an unexpected valence: The key to Pittsburgh's prominence really does lie in our stomachs and in our kitchen. Back then, I wrote: "If we bake it, will they come?" It turns out that they will. It's no surprise, I think, that the President is a member of the Cupcake Class!


7 Responses to "Pamela's Pancakes Key to G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh"

Bram Reichbaum said... 5/31/2009 3:44 PM

Is Obama our first President from among the ranks of the cupcake class? I suppose you would have to go back to Jefferson.

Schultz said... 5/31/2009 10:50 PM

Speaking of The Cupcake Class, how is the market for cupcakes in Pittsburgh these days?

MH said... 6/01/2009 10:35 AM

Bram, cupcakes were nearly unknown in the U.S. until President Taft started having them made in the White House.

Bram Reichbaum said... 6/01/2009 11:15 PM

Ah, but the CUPCAKE CLASS surely had to have existed long before the confection.

(This coming from the guy who was taught the Latin word for "television" in public middle school. Telegrisor.)

MH said... 6/02/2009 11:06 AM

Of course, my comment above was simply a re-casting of Menchen's 'bathtub' hoax. I used Taft instead of Fillmore solely on account of size.

Anonymous said... 6/03/2009 9:34 AM

Pamela's pancakes aren't that good. Too thin and greasy.

Somebody had to say it.

sara5889 said... 6/03/2009 12:14 PM

Well...if you're interested in all this, and the statements made as of late about the "rebirth of Pittsburgh" might be interested in this...
A local internet marketing company is doing a campaign to get Pittsburgh to rank #1 in google's search for "The Best City in the World."
Whether you agree with what everyone is saying or have to feel pride for this city.
It's hosting the G20, the amazing sports teams, being voted most liveable city in's got a lot going for it.
Here's a link to the article about the campaign...

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