Pittsblog Confusion

Pittsblog -- this Pittsblog, the one that you're reading right now -- has been around for close to four years.

Yesterday, a new and different Pittsblog, "The Pittsblog," appeared on the scene. Here's a link. I don't know who this is. Judging from the subject matter so far, the blog appears to be interested in Pittsburgh professional and college sports and nothing more. That's a topic that I only rarely cover here.

What's to be done about the identity in names? There is no great legal principle at stake. In the interest of avoiding confusion in the Pittsburgh blogosphere, however, I'll suggest that the newcomer -- whoever it is -- find a different moniker and URL. I don't want to be confused with him/her; he/she doesn't want to be confused with me; and most important, new and returning Pittsblog readers want to be sure that they're getting the Pittsblog content that they're looking for.


8 Responses to "Pittsblog Confusion"

Jefferson Provost said... 11/28/2007 1:46 PM

Maybe we should all email the guy (and/or comment on his blog) asking him to change the name? ;-)

Chad said... 11/28/2007 9:47 PM

We should also tell him that if he wants his Pittsburgh sports blog to be taken seriously, he needs to learn how to spell Sidney Crosby's first name.


jet said... 11/29/2007 2:13 AM

As an outsider (only been here three years), I'm not surprised.

We have a Pittsburgher so obsessed with sports that they don't bother to check if the blog name has been used, check their spelling before they post, or really do anything other than go on at length about local sports.

Sigh. I wonder why it's so hard to convince my artsy/techie friends that they should move here.

shanafme said... 11/30/2007 11:15 AM

"Backyard Brawl; Big Game, Differenet Reasons"


Come on man! At least get the titles right.

Mike Madison said... 11/30/2007 11:31 AM

OK -- shanafme, there's the confusion that I'm talking about. *That's not my headline!* Complain to that other guy!

Bob Carney said... 12/01/2007 10:14 AM

I think the content and the RSS Reader will drive the traffic back to your site. I don't think you have anything to worry about about unless he goes to print media. Keywords will be different if the content is different.

Now if you were to write more about his topics I am sure you will have better ranking on google than him...just sayin'

JoeW said... 12/03/2007 4:57 PM

I think it is interesting that NONE of the posts on The Pittsblog have a single comment. Apparently nobody is reading it, or nobody cares.

Jefferson Provost said... 12/03/2007 5:01 PM

I think he is not approving comments. Maybe he's only approving them if they're "on topic".

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