PA Legalizes Ticket Scalping Reselling

"Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell late Friday signed into law a bill that allows anyone to legally resell event tickets online. The new law became effective immediately.

The Keystone State joins Connecticut and New York as the most recent states to legalize ticket scalping, but requires resellers have a presence in the state.

Under the state’s old law, only licensed brokers could resell tickets, and then for a maximum of 25 percent about face value. The new law removes the cap and requires that the reseller guarantee a full refund if the event is cancelled or the ticket is not valid upon entry."



6 Responses to "PA Legalizes Ticket Scalping Reselling"

Drover said... 7/29/2007 5:53 AM

Interesting how the law requires the resellers to have a presence in the state -- in other words, those who are most likely to be in violation of the law are the ones to whom it will be the most difficult to serve process to hold them accountable. I'm also curious to hear if the Law Professor thinks a plausible argument could be made that this requirement violates the privileges and immunities clause and/or the interstate commerce clause.

Mike Madison said... 7/29/2007 5:44 PM

It's not my area of expertise, but my intuition is no, the "in state" restriction is not unconstitutional.

playmkr278 said... 4/04/2008 1:20 PM

Thank you very much Mr. Rendell (and PA Congress) for shafting those of us who can barely afford hockey tickets at normal prices here in Pittsburgh. It's bad enough that it's hard to get any tickets since almost the entire season sold out a couple hours after tickets went on sale and 11 minutes for playoff tickets. The best I could have done for the last home game of the Pens season against your Flyers, who represent you well with their offensive degrading of a great sport, would have been to buy a $40 ticket but pay $103 for it. And I would probably have been buying it from someone who didn't want to go to the game in the first place because no real Pens fan skips the Flyers especially when we have a chance to knock your stupid team out of the playoffs.

It's really sad that I have a better chance (and probably cheaper even with travel costs) of attending a Penguins road game than I do a game that happens 7 miles from my residence.

PghSportsFan said... 1/13/2009 12:06 PM

Who are these law makers looking out for, not the pa residents. This law just gives these ticket resale rackets validity to keep ripping residents off while people that want to attend events get the shaft.

Anonymous said... 6/07/2009 1:50 AM

It's just another one of Rendell's idiot laws. It's ok not to require us to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle but it is a law for an orthodontist to need to place the child's name in their plastic retainer. WOW!! Now this new law will allow those with excess money to buy tickets that they know will be desireable and make it impossible for us that have less money to be able to purchase them. What a great idea!!!! You are an a--hole Rendell!

Anonymous said... 9/28/2010 11:45 PM

Here's an idea, take the same route that most people who sell tickets to get yours..what a concept. Just spend some time to figure out how they will sell them, and more time to implement the plan. I know many people somehow think it's easy for some people to get tickets, but for most, it isn't. Roll up your sleeves and get'r'done, or expect to pay a premium to those willing to take the time to do it. Would you expect your grocery store to sell all of their items for their cost? or any other retailer?

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