Does anyone know if there is a Pittsburgh connection for anyone writing for The Onion (a watered down version of the Carbolic Smoke Blog). There seems to be just a little more focus on us than you would expect. In the "News" today is this "headline": Pirates GM Begins Making Frantic, Haphazard Moves After Realizing It's Almost Spring Training.


7 Responses to "Onion-burgh?"

Gene said... 2/08/2007 10:05 AM

With all due respect to you and to the Carbolic Smoke Blog, calling The Onion a "watered down version" of the CSB is crazytalk. Very crazy, bordering on loony. With all due respect.

Judge Rufus Peckham said... 2/08/2007 12:08 PM

Gene, I'm glad to see The Onion picked up your story about the Pirates' GM since we couldn't use it.

Anonymous said... 2/08/2007 1:41 PM

Gene: I have my own ax to grind with the CSB – it’s too much of a distraction from my family, work, hobbies. I much prefer the Onion – after a couple yawns through one of their made-up stories about some guy giving birth to Swiss cheese, I’m back to my regular life. Bob (P.S. Gene, you shouldn’t try to hide behind “with all due respect” at the same time you’re calling our venerable Prof. Mike “very crazy, bordering on loony.” Sorry, Professor, I only repeated those words to make a point. I don’t think you are “very crazy, bordering on loony.” Oh, no, I can’t believe that I repeated “very crazy, bordering on loony.” My apologies, again. )

Mike Madison said... 2/08/2007 2:16 PM

No offense taken, since Gene was talking about Chris Briem.

-- The Venerable Professor Mike

Anonymous said... 2/08/2007 6:52 PM

Yah, there's a nice Jewish boy from Greensburg, of all places, who is a staff writer at The Onion. His mom is a nice Jewish gal from Squirrel Hill who is crazy proud of him.

I can't remember the family name, and of course at TO everyone who isn't a columnist is "staff writer."

Gene said... 2/12/2007 8:59 PM

Yipes! I just wanted to say that while I enjoy both this blog and the Carbolic Smoke Blog, I believe that The Onion does not deserve to be called a "watered-down" version of anything. Obviously my "crazy, bordering on loony" quip was mere hyperbole.

Woy said... 2/13/2007 9:34 PM

Actually, I think the connection may even be more with Erie than Pittsburgh.

Over the years, they've made many posts centered on Erie, PA. And, trust me, as a former resident of the city... we only make news when snow hits, guys blow up delivering pizza, or when women use babies as projectiles.


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