Dangerous Territory

I like the spirit of this post over at Antirust:
So what is Pittsburgh's "critical modern moment"? And what impact does the relative stagnation of the population have on deciding that moment? Does it push it further back or further forward? I don't know. . . . I suppose this also works in the other direction. For newcomers: Is there any "defining" moment or development that you think prevents old-timers from seeing the future clearly? I know. I know. That is a snooty sort of thing to admit. But I am sure that a lot of new people feel that way. In fact, they say it all the time. "It's time for Pittsburgh to move beyond... X ... and begin Y."

Rather than speaking in generalities like "steel", are there actual moments that fit this description? For either newcomers or old timers?

Needlessly divisive? Perhaps. But maybe it's an interesting thought experiment.

And in the Comments, "O," aka ADB chimes in:
But more importantly, you can't really understand a Pittsburgher unless:
You understand and can explain why no one crosses rivers;
You have gotten into an argument with 3 other people over the best way to get somewhere;
You know why Dave Parker sucked;
You've dropped a "yinz" or a "dahn" or left out "to be" in a sentence;
Parts of your extended family still live in the same neighborhood as they did 50 years ago...

I agree with Sam: It's an interesting thought experiment, and maybe it would be healthy for Pittsburghers to have an honest conversation about this. But playing with fire, they are. It will be interesting to read what turns up in the rest of the Comments.


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Anonymous said... 9/09/2006 12:51 AM

The 'moment' was 1981 when Dr. Thomas Starzl started the nation's first liver transplant program at what is now UPMC. This attracted top medical talent, which attracted NIH grants, that has led to research, innovation, jobs, companies and prestige. A decade or two from now, people will look back and say that was when Pittsburgh started it transition from "steel city" to "medical center."

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