The Tech Council Presents the Web, Again

Robbin sends word:

IT Network: The Next Generation Of Online Marketing -- The Rules Just Changed, Again

Just when you catch up with Google AdWords and e-mail campaigns, another wave of Internet marketing develops that can leverage your existing programs and add new resources to help you compete. Learn about corporate blogs, RSS feeds, electronic loyalty programs and using advanced Web analytics to make the most of your time and money. Join David Radin, Columnist, Radio Host and Principal of Seasonal Experiences, and Robbin Steif, CEO of LunaMetrics, as they help attendees build traffic, increase conversion rates, build trust with prospects and cultivate customer loyalty. Presented in partnership with the Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club. Sponsored by Buchanan Ingersoll and Highmark.

Thursday, March 30
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
[Pittsburgh Technology Council] Training Room

$20 for Council members, $30 for non-members

RSVP: Council Events or 412.918.4229


4 Responses to "The Tech Council Presents the Web, Again"

Hooman said... 3/05/2006 12:24 PM

Suggestion to the PTC: If you are going to educate the community on how the rules are changing, you might want to have folks that are changing the rules participate. Crazy idea - right?

David Radin said... 3/05/2006 8:43 PM

Hooman, please don't go into this with any preconceptions. There are a lot of ways that the rules are changing -- and as presenters (both technically and from a marketer's viewpoint), we'll make sure that attendees will be exposed to the right concepts, including details from those who have been part of the change, and observations from others who have been coping with the changes.

We're always looking for good info from intelligent people with unique ways to look at and use the concepts. So feel free to contact me directly. Mike has linked my name in his original post to my website -- where you can send me an email.

David R.

BTW, the worst audiences are those with members that attend a session with a grudge or bone to pick. The best are those that come ready to learn something -- whether it fits what they expected or not. I hope to see you there -- especially if you're in the latter catagory.

Hooman said... 3/07/2006 12:39 AM

David, the comment was not actually directed towards you - sorry for the confusion. My point was that the PTC and other folks that are interested in understanding the “next big thing” may want to have more influential "technologists" present ideas. Wouldn't it be great to have Stewart Butterfield (Flickr) come in to discuss the impact that tagging is having on the development of social software, or Mena Trot (Six Apart) visit to discuss the impact of blogging? Why don’t we host conferences/sessions right here in Pittsburgh with these types? Not only are these people creating the fundamental technologies/paradigms that are driving the new web, but they also are privy to the efforts of other folks that are driving the next generation of services across the country. Make sense?

Anonymous said... 3/17/2006 8:40 PM

The Tech Council is all about service providers --- where are the tech companies?

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