Pittsburgh Roars Artists

Thanks to David Edwards for filling me in with the names of the artists behind the giant inflatables that are now on display in Oakland, in connection with the Pittsburgh Roars! campaign. The names of the inflatables, and the artists, are:

Bessie by Steve O’Hearn

BLAM! By Shannon McMullen

Green Monster by Brian Holderman

GRRR! By Fabian Winkler

Houndstoothy the Squirrel by Sylvia Kay

Like A Lionfish Out Of Water by Alison Zapata

Monongahela Monster by Blaine Siegel

Pittsburgh Is The Zombie Capital Of The World by Jessica Jacob

Pittsburgh’s Painted Pachyderm by David Edwards

The Thinker by Daniel Franke

David Edwards has his own site at http://www.davidedwardsart.com/, and he has a solo exhibit opening this weekend (Saturday, April 1) at Artspace 303, 303 East 8th Ave., in Homestead, from 7 to 10 p.m. The show is titled "Realism and the One Man Band." His painted pachyderm is pictured above.

If any of the other artists have portfolios online or websites that show off their work, I would be happy to update this post with the links. Feel free to send the info via email.

The Giant Inflatable Art Project was organized and administered by the Sprout Fund.

UPDATE: A spec sheet has been posted that identifies all of the artists.


1 Response to "Pittsburgh Roars Artists"

Anonymous said... 5/06/2006 4:34 PM

Thank you for listing all of the inflatable artists on your blog. It is very exciting to see people interested in the artists behind the art. You are more than welcome to post my website...
That site has more about the other work that I create. Thank you so much!!
Alison Zapata

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