MIT Enterprise Forum on Entrepreneurship

The local MIT Enterprise Forum is planning a program on entrepreneurship. Here's the link; the event is on February 22 at the Pittsburgh Golf Club, next to the Schenley Park Golf Course.

The website doesn't give much of a description. Here's the text of a flyer sent by a friend:

What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?

Just what does it take to be a “great” entrepreneur?

• Some say it’s the realization that you sometimes need to go beyond knowing the answers to sometimes seeking the answers.
• Others think it’s being at the right place at the right time.
• And still others think great entrepreneurs are gutsy risk-takers who simply achieved success through trial-and-error.

In any work we do, our performance and success is built upon education, formal training plus our accumulated knowledge from practicing the craft. Entrepreneurship is no different. Still, there is no comprehensive formula for realizing ultimate entrepreneurial success. After all, entrepreneurship is very much an art rather than a science - which makes it one of those subjects difficult to learn with any great degree of precision.

Until now, that is.

Join the MIT Enterprise Forum of Pittsburgh as we provide the early entrepreneur (as well as experienced ones) valuable “lessons learned” from some of our region’s best-known entrepreneurs:

• Ron Bianchini, PhD – Founder of Scalable Networks and Spinnaker
• Roger Byford – Founder of Vocollect
• Rob Cochran –Chairman, President and CEO #1 Cochran, Inc.
• Ken Gabriel, PhD – Founder of Akustica
• Raoul Vellez-Perez, PhD – Founder of Vivisimo
• Astro Teller, PhD – Founder of BodyMedia

Our esteemed panel will discuss important attributes of entrepreneurship and each will discuss one of their personal entrepreneurial traits and describe a specific episode where it helped in growing their company. We will also dedicate time to an extended “Question and Answer” session guided by our moderator, Jack Roseman a serial entrepreneur and award-winning educator.

While there is no simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ path to entrepreneurial development, it is a learnable skill - and discipline - and our esteemed panel’s leadership experiences will undoubtedly help you improve your own competencies along every step of your own entrepreneurial journey!


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